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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog

Administration and Staff

Administrative titles at the Academy differ somewhat from those at many civilian colleges, but in essence the responsibilities that accompany the titles are the same. The Superintendent is akin to a college president and ultimately governs all aspects of Academy operations. The Deputy Superintendent is the principal executive for management controls. The Academic Dean and Provost is responsible for admissions, athletics, and the academic program. The Commandant of Midshipmen is akin to the dean of students and handles all Midshipmen affairs of a non-academic nature, including military organization, conduct and discipline. These officers comprise the Academy’s senior staff, and are assisted by capable office personnel in the daily operation of the institution.

Board of Visitors

Public Law 291, approved by the 113th Congress in December, 2014, provides for an annual review of the Academy by Congress through a Board of Visitors of eighteen members who are appointed in January of each year. The Board consists of five individuals appointed by the President; one Senator appointed by the Vice President; two Members of the House of Representatives appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives; the Chairmen of the Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee of the Senate and the Committee on Armed Services of the House of Representatives as ex-officio members; two Senators appointed by the chairman of the Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee of the Senate; three Members of the House of Representatives appointed by the chairman of the House Committee on Armed Services; ; and the Commander of the Military Sealift Command, the Deputy Commandant for Operations of the Coast Guard, and the Chairman of the Advisory Board to the Academy as ex-officio members.

Academy Advisory Board

Public Law 453, approved by Congress in November 1980, establishes an Advisory Board consisting of not more than seven persons of distinction in education and other fields relating to the purposes of the Academy who serve without pay. The members of the Board visit the Academy at least once during the academic year at the call of the chairman. The board’s purpose is to examine the course of instruction and the management of the Academy and advise the Secretary of Transportation, the Maritime Administrator, and the Superintendent of their findings.

Board of Directors

Senior members of the Maritime Administration Staff form the Maritime Education Training Executive Review Board (METERB), which serves as a Board of Directors advising the Superintendent on strategic and policy matters affecting the Academy.


Following each name is the year of joining the staff. Also listed are job title, degrees earned, where obtained, professional licenses, and military status.

The list starting on the next page is current as of June 1, 2021.

Office of the Superintendent

VADM Joanna Nunan, USMS (2022)
B.S., U.S. Coast Guard Academy
MBA, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Hartford Graduate Center

RDML Susan L. Dunlap, USMS (2013)
Deputy Superintendent
B.A., Northwestern University
M.A., Naval War College
M.S., Naval Post Graduate School
Military: Captain, USN (Ret.)

Chief of Staff

CDR Shawn Shutts, USMS (2021)
Academy Operations Officer
B.A., Lycoming College
M.A., Pennsylvania State University
M.S., Unitd States Army War College

Ilene Kreitzer (2011)
Academy Counsel
B.A., Stony Brook University
J.D., Boston University

Kelly Butruch (2008)
Risk Management Officer
B.A., St. Francis College
M.P.A., John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Office of the Academic Dean

RDML John R. Ballard, Ph.D., USMS (2018)
Provost/Academic Dean
B.S., U.S. Naval Academy
M.A., California State University - Dominquez Hills
Ph.D., The Catholic University of America

Dr. Susan C. Comilang (2016)
Assistant Academic Dean for Academic Programs
B.A., Columbia Union College
M.S., Washington State University
Ph.D., George Washington University
CAPT James R. Zatwarnicki Jr., USMS (2018)
Associate Dean for Faculty
B.S., State University of New Your Maritime College
M.S., State University of New York Maritime College
Assistant Dean for Support Services
Kourtney L. Avila (2022)
Executive Assistant to the Provost/Academic Dean

Academic Center of Excellence

CAPT  Paul D. Acquaro, USMS (2012)
Director, Academic Center for Excellence
B.S., State University of New York Maritime College
M.S., New York Institute of Technology
Advanced Certificate, Brooklyn College
License: Third Mate Unlimited Tonnage
Military: Lieutenant (Ret.) USN

Dr. Jennifer Albert (2019)
Deputy Director, Academic Center for Excellence
B.A., Long Island University Southampton
M.A., St. John’s University
Ph.D., Capella University

Kristin Delury (2022)
Educational Technology Specialist, Academic Center for Excellence
M.S., CUNY School of Professional Studies

Taleen Stroud (2022)
USCG Licensing and Credentialing Officer
B.S., University of Wyoming

Office of Institutional Assessment

Dr. Lori Townsend (2016)
B.S., Old Dominion University
MBA, Strayer University
Ed.D., Vanderbilt University

Office of the Registrar

Lisa Jerry (2003)
Academy Registrar
B.S., New York Institute of Technology
M.S., New York Institute of Technology

Maribeth Widelo (2009)
Academy Assistant Registrar
B.A., Assumption College
M.A., Emerson College

Maurina Sameul (2011)
Program Analyst
B.S., St. Francis College
M.P.A., John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Ann Aberger (2012)
Registration Assistant

Debra Deow-Kalladeen (1997)
Institutional Research Assistant

Bland Library

Dr. Donna Selvaggio (2015)
Chief Librarian
B.S., Regents College
M.L.I.S., University of Oklahoma
Ph.D., Capella University

Jan Edmiston (2017)
Technical Services Librarian
B.S., U.S. Naval Academy
M.A., St. Louis University
M.A., University of St. Thomas (Houston)
M.S., Walden University
M.L.S., University of North Texas

LT Jeremy Lauber, USMS (2017)
Reader Services Librarian
B.S., Stony Brook University
M.L.S., Long Island University

Department of Information Technology

Donald Cantwell
Director, Department of Information Technology
B.S., United Stated Military Academy
M.S., George Washington University

Department of Waterfront Activities

Richard J. Cain (1997)
Director of Waterfront Activities
License: 100 ton near coastal

Rick Dominique (1999)
Director of JV and Recreational Sailing
B.S., SUNY Maritime College

Department of External and Congressional Affairs


Veronica Cassidy Barry (2006)
Public Affairs Officer
B.S., Niagara University
Career Development Certificate, University of Wisconsin

Public Affairs Specialist

Office of Admissions

CDR Michael Bedryk, USMS (2016)
Director of Admissions
B.S., Saint John’s University

CDR Keith L. Watson, USMS (2015)
Assistant Director of Admission/Director of Financial Aid
International and Western Regional Recruitment Specialist
B.S., Excelsior College
Professional Certificate, University of California, Berkeley

LCDR Joseph Becker, USMS (2013)
Recruitment Specialist
B.S., SUNY Maritime College
M.S., SUNY Maritime College
License: Third Mate, Unlimited Tonnage, All Vessels
Military: LT, USNR

LCDR Tina T. Schoggers, USMS (2007)
Recruitment Specialist
B.P.S., New York Institute of Technology
M.S., New York Institute of Technology

LCDR Chuck Wheeler, USMS (2017)
Recruitment Specialist
B.S., Milligan College

LT Olivia Alexander, USMS (2022)
Recruitment Specialist
Professional Degree, CUNY School of Law

LT Valerie Gary (2022)
Recruitment Specialist
B.S., St. John’s University
M.S., St. John’s University

Lauri D’Ambra (2018)
Financial Aid Specialist

Cecilia Ferriola
Admissions Assistant
Alexis Ramos
Admissions Assistant
Christina Weathers
Admissions Assistant

Office of Academy Financial Management

David Socolof (2016)
Academy CFO
B.A. Connecticut College
M.P.A. University of Texas
Karen Douglas (2019)
Supervisory Financial Management Specialist

Office of Human Resources

Supervisory Human Resources Specialist

Vivian Baierwalter (1985)
Human Resources Specialist

Tricia Lafontant (2018)
Human Resources Specialist
B.A., Rutgers University

Dante Dorival
Human Resources Assistant

Office of  Procurement 

Maximilian Diah (2004)
Chief of Contracting Office
A.A., Strayer University
B.A., Strayer University

Deborah Porter (1997)
Contract Specialist

Carmen Feliz (2010)
Contract Specialist
A.A., Nassau Community College
B.A., SUNY Old Westbury

Amit Narine (2017)
Contract Specialist
Daphnee Ravilus (2021)
Contract Specialist

Office of Adminstrative Services

John Curran (2011)
Administrative Officer
B.S., John Jay Collage
M.S., American Military University

Department of Public Safety

Jeffery Thomas (2016)
Director of Public Safety
B.A., University of Maryland
Military: SFC, USA (Ret)

Joseph Chiafari (2019)
Safety and Occupational Health Specialist

Department of Public Works

Steven Flangan (1990)
Faciility Managemnt Officer

Office of Capital Improvement

CAPT Theodore Dogonniuck, USMS (2010)
B.S., Cornell University
M.S., Columbia University
Military: Major, USMCR
License: Professional Engineer - New York State

LCDR, Robert DiTrioia, USMS (2010)
Civil Engineer

B.S., University of Maryland
Military: Capt, USAF

Office of the Commandant of Midshipmen

CAPT Mikel Stroud, USMS (2016)
Commandant of Midshipmen
B.S., University of Wyoming
M.A., Naval War College
Military: LtCol, USMC (Ret)

CDR Andrew McCarthy, USMS (2013)
Deputy Commandant of Midshipmen
B.S., SUNY Maritime College
License: Third Mate, Steam and Motor Vessels, Unlimited
Military: CDR, USN
CDR James Schutta, USMS (2020)
Regimental Operations Officer
B.S., State University of New York (Albany)
CDR Patrick Kean, USMS (2020)
Leadership Development Officer
B.A., Villanova University
M.M.S.D. Marine Corps University
M.O.S. School of Advanced Warfighting

LCDR Robert Nixon
Director of Music
B.S., The Ohio State University
M.A., Full Sail University
Military: CWO5 US Army (Ret)

CDR Stevens Frangos, USMS (2005)
Performance and Assessment Officer
B.S., U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
License: Third Assistant Engineer, Steam and Motor Vessels, Unlimited.
Military: CDR, USN

Frederick Sager (2006)
Head, Department of Health Services
B.S., New York Institute of Technology
M.P.S., New York Institute of Technology

Mitchell Glazer (1996)
Food Service Officer
B.B.A., Baruch College
LCDR Antoinette Waller, USMS (2010)
Battalion Officer
B.S., University of Woodbridge
LCDR Scott Miller, USMS (2018)
Battalion Officer
B.S., U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
M.S., Naval Postgraduate School
LCDR Charles Billi, USMS (2020)
Battalion Officer
B.S., Long Island University
M.S., St. John’s University
LT Shang Yang, USMS (2022)
Tactical Officer
B.S., SUNY Maritime College
LT Colin Wallace, USMS (2019)
Tactical Officer
B.S., University of Lynchburg
M.S., John Jay College of Criminal Justice