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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog

Department of Mathematics and Science


The Department of Mathematics and Science (M&S) offers required courses in physics, chemistry and mathematics . All Midshipmen take courses in these areas, many in the Fourth Class year when M&S courses comprise approximately one-third of the academic program. The courses are designed to teach the fundamental concepts that Midshipmen will use in later courses in the Engineering and the Marine Transportation curriculums. M&S also offers elective courses in astronomy, computer programming, physics and oceanography. The department provides a strong science background required of all educated people in our world of high technology.

All Midshipmen are required to take Physics 1, Physics 2 and General Chemistry. These courses have a strong laboratory component so that Midshipmen can experience the experimental side of science. M&S maintains general science laboratories that incorporate the recent technologies of microelectronics, lasers and computers. State of the art equipment using PC-based data acquisition is used in the Nuclear, Chemistry, and Physics Laboratories. The department is also responsible for the operation of the Class of ‘81 Astronomical Observatory. M&S laboratories, offices, and observatory are located in the Fulton/Gibbs building.

The physics and chemistry courses are rigorous. The physics courses are calculus-based. Calculus 1 is a co-requisite for Physics 1 and a prerequisite for Physics 2. Midshipmen majoring in Marine Engineering, Marine Engineering Systems and Marine Engineering and Shipyard Management take Chemistry for Marine Engineers in their Second or Third Class year.

All Midshipmen take Calculus 1, Calculus 2 and Probability & Statistics. In addition, Marine Engineering students take Differential Equations 1; Marine Engineering Systems students take Differential Equations 1, Differential Equations 2 and Calculus 3; and Marine Engineering and Shipyard Management students take Differential Equations 1, Calculus 3, Operations Research 1 and Operations Research 2.

Because mathematics is so important to nearly every area of study at the Academy, all entering Midshipmen take an assessment examination administered by the department. Students who are determined to need review in algebra and precalculus are placed into Precalculus Review which provides Midshipmen with an extra hour of instruction per week.

The department also offers electives that, in addition to providing the opportunity to take courses in areas of study beyond the required curriculum, reflect some of the scholarly and research efforts of the faculty. Examples of recently offered electives are Introduction to Astronomy and the Solar System, Observational Astronomy and Techniques, Introduction to Oceanography, Modern Physics, Fundamentals of Nuclear Physics and Engineering, Introduction to JAVA Programming and Cryptography, and Introduction to Python and Artificial Intelligence. Interested students can also complete a concentration in a particular area of study by taking a three-course sequence of related electives. M&S currently offers the Science from the Ship concentration. Interdepartmental concentrations involving M&S include Cybersecurity and Nuclear Engineering.

Note: For all faculty listings in this section of the catalog, the year when a faculty member joined the Academy staff follows each name. Other information includes the individual’s faculty rank, degrees earned, where obtained, professional licenses held, and military affiliation. In a department that includes more than one discipline, the faculty member’s area of specialization is indicated.

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